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Nature Play in Commercial Playgrounds

Natural play value with precast playground equipment!

Out in nature, children are inspired to cross over fallen logs, hop from rock-to-rock across a creek, swing from tree branches, and climb rocks, boulders, and trees.

This is a natural play instinct to explore the environment and to challenge oneself, developing balance, coordination, and getting exercise.

With Rocks & Ropes commercial playground equipment, this same natural play value found in nature can be found into your local park or playground setting!

Natural play equipment inspired by nature is modern commercial playground equipment that features the play value and adventurous experience of playing in nature.

Children can naturally move and exercise the same way they are inspired to do out in nature, crossing over fallen logs, hopping from rock-to-rock across a stream, swinging from tree branches, and climbing.

UPC Parks is hoping to re-define nature play in today's commercial playgrounds. With designs that have no limit to age appeal, and with fun challenge that gets kids moving and getting exercise, Rocks & Ropes is an ideal design choice for modern parks and playgrounds.

Nature play Rocks & Ropes includes playground ropes, rocks, and realistic tree logs that children can run, hop, swing, and climb on. The "Linked Play" layout encourages a natural play experience The natural looking parts blend well with both metal and plastic equipment, and with the surrounding landscape. Nature playgrounds are becoming a popular due to their appeal to all ages and abilities, and the appealing natural look that goes well in any setting or location. Rocks & Ropes brings the play value of nature into commercial playgrounds.

"Why use manufactured materials?"
    While real rocks and logs may be appropriate for teaching circles and playful landscapes, there are practical concerns when planning a commercial playground. Manufactured rocks and logs can meet engineering criteria for strength, longevity, and safety, as well as being CPSC compliant. Rocks & Ropes packs more variety of climbing, play and adventure into each playground with caves, overhangs, ledges, footholds and handholds, rope bridges and nets. It's adventure for all ages!

Nature playground with Rocks & Ropes