Outdoor Wilderness Playground

Wilderness-themed Playground


With the Rapids behind us, the waters have calmed. The landscape is dwarfed by giant sequoia trees. Let’s explore this woodland haven!

The "Explorer Park" playground theme is a river wonderland brought to life, with life-sized canoes, massive Sequoia logs, and friendly forest animals.

Featured in the Town of Greece in New York, this is the largest Rocks & Ropes Playground in New York State, and one of the largest nature-themed playgrounds in the country!: SOURCE

Wilderness Park Playground Theme


The unique nature-inspired playground features precast cement (PolyFiberCrete) animal sculptures and rock and log climbers and steppers designed by park and playground company UPC Parks.

Stepping into the playground is like entering a door to the times of the early American settlers with bears, forest creatures, and towering natural features, all along a colorful blue river.

“It’s not just a singular thematic part, it is an entire play experience,” says Dan Christensen, Lead Designer at UPC Parks. “It’s like being transported someplace and being able to go anywhere in your imagination. There’s a story to the theme, and the parts all functionally link to a complete experience.”

“Context is important,” says Dan. “You’re not just climbing over ropes, you’re crossing over a rushing river below your feet. You’re traveling and exploring an untamed land. Children love to challenge themselves to stay off the ground, and the functionally linked playground design allows them to move all across the course from part-to-part, which encourages more active physical games than other types of equipment.”


ADA Inclusive Play Ramp Rock wheelchair playground part “One of our key parts that makes this playground really special is the Ramp Rock, a specially designed ADA piece for wheelchairs to roll over. Now children in wheelchairs can play along with their friends, accessing the inner play area and participating along with the fun,” says Dan.

“No one else has something like the Ramp Rock,” says Dan. “It’s exclusive in the industry. And Explorer Park is our only design to feature two of them!”

“The playground layout is maximized for ADA accessibility,” says Dan. “Wheelchairs can enter through the giant Sequoia Log tree trunk, wheel over the Ramp Rock, and get up close to the various realistic animal sculptures. They can access any part in the site— every part in the site is accessible— and most are accessible from all sides.


The 'Explorer Park' Wilderness Playground features a 'linked play' layout, meaning the playground equipment is connected for optimum play value. Children can enjoy imaginative adventures and challenge themselves by hopping across rocks and logs, swinging on ropes, and getting lost in a wilderness adventure!

Wilderness Theme Playground Equipment

Wilderness Park Playground Equipment

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You can use these parts and more to make custom park playground themes for your local park, playground, or daycare. UPC Parks can even design custom playground equipment to make your location extra special and memorable.

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