Easter Fun!

Play UPC’s Easter Egg Hunt!

The month of March we will be hosting a virtual egg hunt. Each week we will load a clue on this page for you to hunt an Easter Egg. Upon finding the Easter egg you will email Eileen at eileen@upcparks.com and let her know the name of the egg.
If you are correct you will be entered in the raffle for a $100 gift card! We are giving out one gift card a week, so make sure you play along each week!

Click Here on March 4th

Your hunt begins where you hit subscribe,
the word on the egg you must transcribe.
For we wish to paint Dan’s head you see,
So hit that button we decree!

Click Here on March 11th

A pre-designed playground is found on our site,
to find the egg the price must be right.
To find the egg you must be Thrifty,
so look in the range that is under Fifty.

Click Here on March 18th

In the place we keep pricing,
modular hills in mind,
the next egg is waiting,
just go there and find.

Click Here on March 25th

On an island out at sea
our final egg does wait
use the map of installs
so you don’t arrive late.

BUT here’s the funnest part of all!

We need your help!

We are trying to get to 100 subscribers on our YouTube channel @upcparksplaygrounds and so we are asking all our friends to share this challenge with their family and friends because Dan has agreed to do something if we can get 100 subscribers by the end of the month. Watch video to find out what he has agreed to…it’s awesome!!

This is where we are right now for our YouTube goal!

What does a chocolate bunny have to do with precast concrete? Watch the story of Chip the chocolate bunny to find out!